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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Big Awards for Two Members!

Marian Gault reports:
I entered my piece, "The Rose" in the current Los Gatos Art Association juried art show at the Jewish Community Center on Oka Road in Los Gators, and much to my surprise it received 1st Place in the Dry Media Category and a $100 award. It is fairly large, done in colored pencil and quite a few quotes about roses done in calligraphy. The show runs from Nov. 3, 2014 to Feb. 8, 2015 and has 95 pieces by 80 artists. My piece was also used at Filoli [Gardens] in all their publicity for the June-August calligraphy show by Pacific Scribes.
The Rose by Marian Gault, colored pencil and ink
 The juror said about the piece:
Going to a very technical art school myself and exploring many media over the years, I can appreciate someone who has mastered their craft. Marian's handling of the colored pencils is amazing and her calligraphy is beautiful. Take time to get up close with this piece, there's much to explore.
Congratulations, Marian!

But wait, there's more!  Gemma Gylling won Best in Show for her  piece Reflections in the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery Animals exhibition.

Reflections by Gemma Gylling, colored pencil
Congratulations, Gemma!

How wonderful to have pieces done in our favorite medium win out over pieces done in more established media like oil painting, watercolor, and pastels, and for the jurors of shows to recognize that excellent art is excellent art regardless of the medium.