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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The DC210 November 13th Meeting

Members present their latest artwork for enjoyment and critique at the November meeting in Martinez, CA

Our November Meeting started on time and we were happy to welcome Aaron Cole who sat in and asked if he could take photos. These are the shots that you are looking at today.
Linda Huffman brought her wood duck and "Aunt Trudy's Table" to share. Roxi Fechtner brought three of her recent graphite drawings, a Japanese magnolia (botanical), a lion and a pineapple. Gemma brought her lion stepping into the water, and a couple of new paintings in mid-finish. She also brought another one of a lion swimming with its head out of the water. Jackie brought the pumpkins and the fork and spoon. Denise showed a couple of nice flower paintings. It's a special pleasure to be able to see our member's colored pencil work. All the work was simply wonderful.

We watched the DVD of the 2010 International Show on Jackie's computer.

We chatted with Cathy Riggs, owner of "I've Been Framed" ... a frame shop in Martinez, CA, about different framing ideas. She showed us some nice molding samples at very reasonable prices that she stocks at her shop. We talked about the work our members brought because most of it was framed.

A special thank you goes to Cathy for letting us use the back room of her frame shop for our
meeting, and also to Aaron for sharing his photos with us.
The winner of the $75 coupon for the framing shop was Gemma Gylling. I know she will use it, as she has been really working continuously at her art.
We have a new executive board that was voted in at the meeting. Linda Loder will continue as President, Denise Howard is our new Vice President, Jackie Chang will continue as our Treasurer, Roxi Fechtner as Secretary and Linda Huffman (who is appointed) will continue as our Membership Chair. Thanks to everyone for being a part of the board. Without these wonderful people, our chapter could not continue. 

Please come and help us get our chapter rejuvenated with activities. If anyone has ideas for shows or meeting locations, please let us know.

Photo Credit: Aaron David Cole