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Monday, May 2, 2011

Workshop with Gemma Gylling

Wolf Workshop on Suede Mat Board
How to Create Realistic Animals Using Colored Pencils
By Gemma Gylling

Have you ever looked at wildlife art and wondered how the artist created the fur's shine or have you thought the eyes looked so real you believed the eye was really wet? When an artist uses the right side of their brain, it becomes easy for them to see the object that they want to create. Gemma will teach you to break an object into small sections so you see only lines, shapes and colors. It then becomes much easier to achieve the realistic look of shiny fur or a wet eye.

Saturday & Sunday, June 11/12, 10 am to 3 pm
(with lunch break)

At Town Hall Arts/Gallery
Under the Clock, 145 Stone Street., Copperopolis, CA, Town Square.

Sign up for the workshop with Larry, larry@townhallarts.com,
or phone 209-785-2050.
Materials list available at Town Hall Arts.
Cost of two-day workshop: $60