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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Highlights of May 2014 Meeting

Our May 2014 chapter meeting was at By-Th'-Bucket in Santa Clara and University Art in San Jose.  Members and guests came from as far away as Dixon and Valley Springs. 

As usual, our members have been busy!
  • Maryann Kot: Best in Show, Livermore Art Assoc. Spring Show, out of 330 entries
  • Sue Marchand, 1st Place in Drawing/Pastel category, Livermore Art Assoc. Spring Show
  • Carol Eicher, 3rd Place in Drawing/Pastel category, Livermore Art Assoc. Spring Show
  • Joanne Spurr, two Honorable Mentions in Drawing/Pastel category, Livermore Art Assoc. Spring Show
  • SEVEN members’ pieces accepted into CPSA International Exhibition!
    • Janki Chokshi
    • Gemma Gylling
    • Denise Howard
    • Mike Purdy
    • Megan Seiter
    • Chris Swetlin
    • Ranjini Venkatachari
  • Marian Gault: Pacific Scribes show at Filoli
  • Denise Howard: Article in UKCPS “Talking Point”
  • Denise Howard: accepted into state fair
Gemma Gylling's two-day workshop in April was a resounding success by all accounts, including the survey results, which we reviewed.  A big THANK YOU once again to Gemma for volunteering all her time and energy for this workshop to our chapter!  And thank you to volunteers Maryann, Mike, Sally, Sue and Joanne for deftly handling the Bothwell Art Center arrangements, signups, and facility setup and takedown.

For our chapter show at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto in September, we need to find a juror.  For this year’s chapter show, “Explorations in Colored Pencil III” at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto in September, we will do like last year and have it juried only for awards.  To that end, we still need a juror.  We will have less wall space than at last year’s show, so instead of allowing up to four entries per artist, we will limit to two or three entries. Ranjini has volunteered to do the prospectus design.

Phillip has spoken to the owners of Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore and confirmed that they’d love to host our group for a day of drawing under their massive shady oak trees; they only ask for a couple of weeks of advance notice, to avoid having too many groups show up at once.  Phillip is now going to ask them for a couple of open dates and then we’ll pick one and do it.  This will be a great opportunity to try plein air drawing!  Yes, it gets quite hot in Livermore in summer, but the ancient oak trees provide great shade and we’ll make sure everyone stays hydrated.

Group orders:  if anyone is ever interested in putting together a large enough order of a particular art supply to get a volume discount, let me know!  We can do that via online retailers like Dick Blick or Jerry’s Artarama.  Quite often there’s a significant discount at, say, 25 sheets of paper; nobody wants to order that much individually, but everybody uses it, so if we go together on an order we can make it happen.

After “show and tell” we settled up the lunch bill and drove over to University Art in time for the Prismacolor presentation at 2:00.  The 45 minutes flew by; Prismacolor representative Shelley Minnis covered not only the colored pencils but their blender pencils, art markers and pens and marker blenders and how to use them.  She had examples of beautiful drawings that have been created by some well-known colored pencil artists using various surfaces.  She mentioned that the blender pencils were recalled and taken off the market for a few months while they diagnosed a manufacturing problem that had caused them to change due to one ingredient, and were just recently reintroduced.  So they do pay attention and respond to customer feedback.   Then it was time for Prismacolor door prizes, and out of about 25 people in the room I think five of the prizes went to DC210 members!  There were sharpeners, small sets of markers, and best of all, a full set of 132 Prismacolor pencils in a tin!  If you weren’t there, see what you missed??? 

Our next meeting will be Saturday, August 23, 11 AM - 3 PM in the Community Room of the Milpitas Police Administration building, 1275 North Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas.  Ranjini Venkatachari will present her techniques for working on sanded board and mounting and varnishing work so that it requires no glass covering.  Thanks to Maria for arranging the venue!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Six DC210 members' works accepted into 2014 CPSA International Exhibition

Congratulations to our SEVEN chapter members whose work has been juried into this year's CPSA International Exhibition!

Janki Chokshi
Gemma Gylling
Denise Howard
Mike Purdy
Megan Seiter
Christopher Swetlin
Ranjini Venkatachari

Wow, do we have a lot of talent in our chapter or what! This may be a new record for our chapter.

The full list of accepted entries is available at the CPSA national website here.

Big winners in Livermore Art Association Spring Show

The Livermore Art Association had its 48th annual Spring Show on April 5th and 6th.  A colored pencil piece "Out of the Dark" by CPSA DC210 member Maryann Kot took Best of Show. There were 330 entries in the largest yearly art event in the East Bay.
Out of the Dark by Maryann Kot
There were 35 entries in the Drawing/Pastel category and CPSA DC210 members took 5 out of the 6 works entered in this category.  Sue Marchand took 1st place for "Bearded Iris", Carol Eicher took 3rd place for "Glass on Black", and Joanne Spurr took both Honorable Mentions "Time Out" and "Valley Downigia".
Bearded Iris by Sue Marchand
Colored Pencil is making its mark in the San Francisco area big time!!! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Highlights of February 2014 Meeting

Our February 22, 2014 chapter meeting was at Emil Villa’s Hickory Pit in Livermore. Members and guests attended from as far away as Valley Springs and Dixon.

As usual, our members have been busy!
  • Mike Purdy: Acceptance into “Explore This! 10”
  • Mike Purdy: Tombow Award for Excellence in “Explore This! 10”
  • Chris Swetlin: Honorable Mention, Annual Members Exhibit, Pacific Art League
  • Denise Howard: articles in TTP, April issue of CP magazine, and summer issue of UKCPS Talking Point
  • Denise Howard: featured in March “Talk Art” episode
  • Denise Howard, butterfly kit for Ann Kullberg
  • Gemma Gylling, acceptance into two national shows—one wildlife-themed and one dog-themed
We now have a PayPal account, which enables easier membership renewal via our website instead of having to mail in a check. We’ll be able to use this for other purposes in the future, such as show entries and workshop registrations.

Our “Explorations in Colored Pencil III" will be at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto in September!

Final plans are set for Gemma Gylling’s two-day workshop April 12-13!  The workshop will run 9 AM - 3 PM each day.  For lunch, folks can either bring their own, or they can order from a menu from nearby Mr. Pickles sandwich shop and Denise will go get the food while they keep working.  (Lunch is not included in the cost of the workshop.)  We will limit the workshop to 28 attendees due to space considerations and Gemma’s desire to be able to give individual attention.  Gemma brought a copy of the step-by-step booklet that each attendee will receive, which will enable them to confidently complete their project at home if they can't finish it during the workshop.

The next meeting will be Saturday, May 3, location TBD but will be somewhere between San Mateo and San Francisco.  Prismacolor representative Shelly Minnis will be in San Francisco that weekend and we are coordinating to have her give us a presentation!

We briefly discussed the 2014 member survey results.

We talked about the possibility of having a plein sir “drawing day” at an area garden.  Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore not only welcomes artists but hosts art events and has enormous spreading oak trees for shade.  We will check into setting a “drawing day” there in late May, before it gets too hot.

We also talked about a possible museum outing. 

Door prizes were won by being the first to correctly answer impromptu questions!  Two of them were “Name a brand of colored pencil that does not start with the letter ‘P’”, and “How many members does our chapter currently have?”  Nobody was able to answer “What year was our chapter founded?”  (1995) or “Who was the founder of our chapter?”  (Shirley Dominiak)

Denise Howard presented “Colored Pencil on Dura-Lar Drafting Film” complete with a handout.  She showed how she sets up to draw on it with a tape “hinge” along one edge to enable flipping it over to draw on the back.  She demonstrated how drawing on the back can intensify or modify the color on the front, and how no outline is necessary on the film.  Her finished piece “A Private Conversation”, of a hen and rooster, will be featured in the summer issue of the UKCPS’s “Talking Point” magazine along with a full article she wrote on the topic.  She sent everyone home with a small sample of Dura-Lar and a challenge: try it, and bring your result to the May meeting!

We had great participation for “show and tell”!  Some finished pieces, some works in progress.  We all got constructive advice or learned something. 

Gemma brought her copy of “Strokes of Genius 5” which includes one of her drawings, and Denise brought her copy of “CP Treasures, Volume II” which includes drawings by both her and Gemma, for everyone to look through.

Several items in the swap meet were quickly claimed.  The remainder will be donated to an elementary school.  We decluttered our shelves, benefited each other, and benefited a school to boot!

See you all at our next meeting on May 3!

Mike Purdy a Winner in Explore This! 10

Mike Purdy's "What's for Supper?" has won the Tombow Award for Excellence in Explore This! 10.  The award includes a $300 product voucher.  This was Mike's first acceptance into the annual Explore This! juried online exhibition, which encourages the use of other media along with colored pencil, as long as the work is predominantly colored pencil.  "What's for Supper" is colored pencil, black india ink and dry pastels.  Congratulations, Mike!

What's for Supper? by Mike Purdy

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Highlights of our November 2013 meeting

Our November 2013 chapter meeting was at Emil Villa's Hickory Pit in Livermore--a great location just down the street from the Bothwell Arts Center, and we had a whole room to ourselves.  More than 20 members and guests attended--the biggest group we've had in a long time! 

There was a long list of recognition for members who have won awards or had work in shows since our  August meeting--what a busy bunch!  We recapped our very successful chapter show, which was in September at the Coastal Arts League Gallery in downtown Half Moon Bay.  We also recapped our October Livermore ArtWalk exhibit experience.  We already have a claim on a better booth location for next year!

We made concrete plans for hosting a two-day workshop in 2014.  Our workshop presenter will be Gemma Gylling, and a big thank you goes to her for volunteering her time!  Gemma is a nationally-recognized wildlife artist who travels all over the US giving these same workshops, so we are fortunate to have her on our team.  The workshop will be Saturday April 12 and Sunday April 13, 2014, at the Bothwell Arts Center in Livermore.  We are also fortunate to have Maryann Kot on our team, because her connection with the Bothwell made it easy for us to seal the deal.

Because the restaurant is so convenient for many of our newer members, we voted to have our next meeting there, too, and we settled on Saturday, February 22, 2014.

We are still looking for a venue for our chapter show for 2014.  Chris Swetlin has identified a possibility, the new San Mateo Library, but he's checking out some other venues that might provide better exposure and more wall space.  As much as we'd like to have it at the Coastal Arts League Gallery again, it is already fully booked for the year so we cannot.

Maryann Kot gave a short presentation about the Fun Tangles workshop she is developing for 2014.

After lunch, we had a great discussion about "When is a colored pencil drawing not a colored pencil drawing?"  Depending on which organization you belong to (CPSA, UKCPS, etc.) and whom you talk to, there are different restrictions on what you can and cannot call "pure colored pencil" for their international exhibitions.  For example, CPSA allows solvents to be used with pencils, while UKCPS does not.  And pastel pencils and Neocolor IIs are not considered colored pencils by either organization because the pigments used in them are pastel pigments, which are different from the pigments used in colored pencils.  Finally, the surface itself can disqualify a drawing--CPSA requires it to be commercially-prepared for the International Exhibition.  If you make your own paper or work on rocks or gourds, you can only enter those works in Explore This!, which allows and encourages using additional media and different surfaces with colored pencil.  On a more individual level, depending on whom you talk to, some purists insist that even the use of a colorless blender violates the idea of a "colored pencil drawing", as does any effort to eliminate the appearance of pencil strokes.  There is room for everyone and every style of working, but it's good to be aware of some of the opinions one might run into as a colored pencil artist!  Denise passed around pastel pencils, Neocolor IIs and watercolor pencils so everyone could see what they are and try them out.

We viewed the DVD of the entire 2013 International Exhibition and the 17 award winners.  It's fun to try to second-guess the juror and wonder what they were thinking when they chose this piece or that piece, for entry or for an award!

"Show and tell" is always the best part of a CPSA chapter meeting because it's when we all get to see what others are working on and how they're doing it, and learn from each other!  We have members at all skill levels, and no matter what level we're at, there's always plenty more to learn.

Below are some photos from the meeting, taken by Mike Purdy.  See you at our next meeting, in 2014!

During a break.  For the most part, folks were too busy sharing information to really break!

Maryann Kot talks about her newest drawing of some mushrooms during "show and tell"

Gemma Gylling describes her suede matboard technique during "show and tell"

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Megan Seiter a Winner in Colored Pencil Magazine's 2013 Art Competition

Megan Seiter's "Sophie" has won 1st Place in Colored Pencil magazine's 2013 Art Competition!  This is her same piece which won 2nd Place in our chapter show "Explorations in Colored Pencil II", just last month in Half Moon Bay.  She is on a roll with her wonderful piece.

The competition was juried by well-known colored pencil artist and author Gary Greene.  To see all the winners and entries, click here.

Congratulations, Megan!