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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Geoff Sargeant Finalist for Mortimore Art Prize

Geoff Sargeant is by far our longest-distance chapter member; he lives in Victoria, Australia!  And yes, there is significant colored pencil action down under, thanks to terrific artists like him.  His "Moodjar Awakes After Fire" has been accepted as a Finalist for the 2013 Mortimore Art Prize, a very prestigious award.  Last year he won Best Drawing for his "Pebble Beach, Cape Cod".  Geoff explains that moodjar is the Aboriginal name for Nutsia Floribunda, the West Australian Christmas Tree.
Moodjar Awakes After Fire by Geoff Sargeant
Finalist, 2013 Mortimore Art Prize
Pebble Beach, Cape Cod by Geoff Sargent
Best Drawing, 2012 Mortimore Art Prize

You can see all the 2013 finalists here:  http://www.australianartsales.com.au/MortimorePrize/mortimoreprize.html

Geoff also currently has a show of 32 giclee prints of his pencil paintings at the Bunbury Regional Gallery in West Australia.

Congratulations, Geoff!