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Monday, September 16, 2013

Mike Purdy's Demo at Coastal Arts League Gallery

On Saturday afternoon, September 14, DC210 secretary Mike Purdy took on the challenge of presenting our favorite medium at the Coastal Arts League gallery, in conjunction with our show.  He wasn't quite sure what to expect, nor was anyone else involved in the arrangements.  We were all surprised!  Here's what happened, in Mike's own words....
Saturday afternoon was really fun. It was a success and the customers were happy. It was really awkward at first. A few weeks ago I had sent the gallery e-mails that stated I would not be giving a demonstration. However when I arrived there were 5 people waiting for me to give my "demonstration". Since I didn't want to disappoint anyone I went ahead and gave them a presentation. Luckily I had plenty of pencils and paper to pass around. I spoke for almost 90 minutes about the CPSA, our chapter, pencils, paper, solvents, tools to use, etc. Everyone was very pleased. At 2:30, 5 more people came in and I spoke for another 30 minutes, then I left at 3:00. All 10 people were beginners who wanted to learn CP. They were asking about workshops, and they asked if I would conduct a full workshop in their area. I'm not ready yet, maybe one day.

Kudos to Mike for stepping up to the unexpected demand for information, and representing our favorite medium and our organization so well! This was great exposure for colored pencils, the CPSA, and for Mike.