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Friday, June 22, 2012

Next Meeting

Saturday, August 25  11:00 AM
Gemma Gylling's home
3481 Priscilla Court, Valley Springs, CA
Please RSVP to Gemma at gemma@glassgems.net by Wednesday, August 22 so she can plan seating, etc.

Yes, it's a long way, but it will be worth the trip to the beautiful Sierra foothills!  

- Gemma will demonstrate how to draw with colored pencils on suede mat board
- Denise will summarize the CPSA convention and workshops and have product samples to try
- Show and tell with fellow members
- Last-minute planning for our chapter show which we'll be hanging just three days later

Carpooling is encouraged.  Denise lives in Santa Clara and has two available seats in her car - contact her at president@cpsa210.org if you'd like to ride along.  Check your chapter membership roster to see who lives near you, or contact Denise for help arranging a ride.  If you don't have a membership roster, email Linda Huffman at membership@cpsa210.org to get one.