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Monday, January 31, 2011


 Two members of the DC210 San Francisco Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America, have been accepted into the CPSA Explore This 7 Online Exhibition. The show opens online at the Colored Pencil Society of America website (http://www.cpsa.org/) on February 1, 2011 and will run for one year.

We congratulate Jackie Chang and Gemma Gylling

Jackie Chang

Dinner Time in Las Vegas

Jackie says, "I drew this piece from a photograph that I took in Las Vegas, while waiting for dinner to be served. At first I was drawn to the shapes of the spoon and fork on the tabletop, and their placement in relation to each other. However, then I realized that all the spectacular neon Vegas lights were reflecting off the silverware, and that the spoon and fork were capturing all the ambient light and excitement around me, and that became even more intriguing to me."

Gemma Gylling

Wild Reflections

Gemma says, "When I was in Kalespell, Montana I had the opportunity to photograph this magnificent animal. This is the second piece I have done of this mountain lion. I couldn't believe how fortunate I was to be able to watch him make his way down a fallen log and into the water for a morning swim. I took hundreds of pictures of him so I am sure I will be creating more art from those reference photos. I hope to create a series called my "Reflections" series. I now have two pieces done for that series.

This piece was done on a Beige Suede Mat Board using colored pencils and some pastel. Most of the piece is colored pencil but I did use pastel on top of an underpainting of colored pencil to create the ripples in the water.

I was very excited to hear that my artwork was accepted in the Explore This exhibition. This is the first time I have entered the show because I usually work with 100% colored pencils and this show requires some other medium to be used with the CP. As of about 3 years ago CPSA now allows a signature award for the Explore This exhibition. This will be my first acceptance toward the CPX signature award. Very Exciting!!"