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Monday, March 1, 2010

Wahoo!!! Convention Is Coming Here In July.

The next five months should prove to be very exciting and interesting with the National Convention coming to our area July 28th through the 31st. As you remember our chapter is the host chapter and we are assuming certain responsibilities to help with this fabulous event. If you are interested in helping, let us know. We will need a little help for a few activities.

Why go the convention?

If you have never gone you deserve to see all the new ideas and products that will be on display and given away. You will meet the artists that do all the great work. All the latest and greatest ideas and people will be there. The last time that a convention was in our area was in 2001, so you see it is not an opportunity that is in our backyard very often. The location changes yearly east coast, west coast mostly.


You have an opportunity to have two different workshops from well-known colored pencil “movers and shakers” who are in our field. They will help to show us how to progress as a colored pencil artist. I have attended many of these and have never been disappointed with what I learned.

The Member Meeting

  • Free admission, open to everyone.
  • Tons of prizes art related are given away to people attending. The vendors are very generous to us.
  • The entire group of entries for the exhibit will be shown. This is the ONLY time you can see this. I found this to be one of the most interesting parts of the event. I just love seeing what people are doing and entering.
  • You get a real look at why judging a show is so difficult.

The Awards Dinner

  • Sit with your friends and see the awards given away. Get excited!! There will be thousands of dollars awarded to cp artists just like you.
  • The dinner is always special and its lots of fun getting to know other cp artists.
  • This is a paid event.

Gallery Reception

  • See the paintings and meet the artists.
  • This is open to the public.
  • Invite your friends to come and see the show.